Joe diGenova tells Hannity that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein should “rot in hell” for what he “has put this country through”

From the August 1st edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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JOE DIGENOVA: I never thought I would hear myself say those words, but I have never been more disgusted with my alma mater, at the Department of Justice under Rod Rosenstein and the FBI under Chris Wray, two incompetent empty suits who care about one thing, their own future, their next job.

And what they have done to put this country through -- Rod Rosenstein has put this country through over the last 18 months, may he rot in hell for it. It's disgusting.

And what you just said, that they can sit there with a straight face, and say that there's no reason to reopen the Hillary case, as Jeff Sessions has said, is absolutely ludicrous and incompetent.


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