“I'm Not A Child And Don't Speak To Me Like I'm One”: Female Guest Calls Out Hannity For Sexist Treatment

Criminal defense attorney Tamara Holder pushed back against sexist treatment from Sean Hannity during a discussion on Donald Trump's proposal to block all Muslims coming to the U.S. on his radio show. Hannity repeatedly interrupted Holder and told her to “follow the bouncing ball” while she tried to speak. Holder criticized the sexist treatment explaining to Hannity that she is “not a child” and he should not “speak to [her] like one.” On a previous show, Hannity told Holder that he would “educate” her women's issues, which prompted his producer to accuse him of sexism. From the December 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Ron Christie, help me out. Where in our Constitution does it say that Constitution applies to people who aren't Americans?

RON CHRISTIE (GUEST): It doesn't and in fact, if you look at the United States--

HANNITY: So Tamara, all that -- all her ranting and raving and emotion was for nothing then?

CHRISTIE: Well, that's been typical for this segment, Sean.

HANNITY: Yeah, pretty much for the whole day.


TAMARA HOLDER (GUEST): Yeah, you know there, I'm sure you are very well read on terrorism and terrorists.


HOLDER: Well I assume you are since you're an expert on the subject.


HOLDER: We actually had terrorists being recruited in prisons in America, in Chicago--

HANNITY: Okay, but you got to stay. No, follow the bouncing ball and [inaudible]

HOLDER: It makes no sense to say that you're going to say that if we stop Immigrant Muslims.

HANNITY: Tamara.

HOLDER: The majority of them are peaceful people -- Muslims coming in this country -- that we are going to stop terrorism. It's stupid

HANNITY: Tamara, follow the bouncing ball. If all of these people--

HOLDER: I'm not a child and don't speak to me like I'm one.


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