Hugh Hewitt Joins Conspiracy Theorists Claiming That Anti-Muslim Trump Supporter Was “A Plant”

Hewitt: “Totally A Fake Controversy Designed To Embarrass Donald Trump”

From the September 21 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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HANNITY (HOST): You've had your issues with Donald Trump. How do you feel about him now? 

HUGH HEWITT: Oh, I've always gotten along with him. You know, I've been called so many bad things by my teenagers when I wouldn't let them use the car that I'm used to anything. And we had a great conversation tonight, he remains the best interview in America, I've said that for months now. If you lined up Tiger Woods, Oprah, and Donald, and said which one do you want to lead your show with every night for a week, I'd pick Donald Trump every single time. 

HANNITY: Yeah, I would too. I would too.

HEWITT: No, wouldn't you? Yeah, he's the best interview. 

HANNITY: Yeah, but I thought you guys had -- you've been somewhat critical of him. What do you think of the issue of Ben Carson, who we just interviewed, and his comments about Islam or a Muslim president, and do you think it was fair for the media to jump on Donald for something that somebody in the audience is asking him, and people called my radio show that were there, were saying that Donald really didn't want to embarrass the guy? 

HEWITT: Yeah, let me go to the latter question first. I think that was a made-up controversy. I'm not even sure that guy is for real and wasn't a plant. And I also have been in a number of situations where I cannot hear, where I do not know what the question is. And you've been there too, you don't know quite how to react.

HANNITY: I've been there many times.

HEWITT: Totally a fake controversy designed to embarrass Donald Trump.


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