How Fox Helped Roll Out GOP VP Pick Paul Ryan

Since Congressman Paul Ryan joined the GOP presidential ticket, Fox News has spent days marketing him to the public by fawning over his record, his physique, and whitewashing his record on Medicare.

Fox Welcomed Ryan, “The Rock Star Of American Politics,” To The Campaign With Open Arms

“The Rock Star Of American Politics”: Fox Welcomed Paul Ryan To The Campaign. In the hours after Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, Fox figures repeatedly praised Ryan, labeling him a “rock star” pick who has “set the world on fire” and, with Romney, formed a ticket reminiscent of Ronald Reagan. [Media Matters, 8/11/12]

Fox Quickly Whitewashed Ryan's Harmful Medicare Plan

Fox Spun Ryan's Harmful Medicare Plan As Safe For Seniors. Fox claimed that Ryan's proposed changes to Medicare would not affect today's seniors. In fact, Ryan's budget would force the cost of health care higher for today's seniors by forcing them to pay thousands of dollars more for prescription drugs, and sharply cutting Medicaid. [Media Matters, 8/13/12]

And After Landing First One-On-One Interview With Ryan ...

Politico: Brit Hume Landed First Ryan One-On-One. In an August 13 Politico article, Dylan Byers reported that Fox News' Brit Hume “landed a one-on-one interview with GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the first since Mitt Romney announced Ryan as his running mate.” [Politico, 8/13/12]

Hume Promoted Interview By Fawning Over “Strikingly Cheerful” Ryan. On America Live, Fox's Brit Hume teased his interview by explaining that Paul Ryan is “strikingly cheerful,” “disarming,” and “personally quite appealing.” [Fox News, America Live, 8/14/12]

Hume Continued Praising Ryan As “Remarkably Personal.” On Your World, Hume continued his praise of Ryan in promotions for his interview, saying that Ryan is “very cheerful and very pleasant” and “remarkably personable.” [Fox News, Your World with Neil Cavuto, 8/14/12]

... Ryan's Fox News “Fan Club” Swooned

Dana Perino Tapped Actor Rob Lowe To Play Paul Ryan In A Movie. Discussing a tweet by actor Rob Lowe in which he slammed critics of Ayn Rand, co-host Dana Perino stated that the reason he did so was because he wants to play Ryan in a movie. She added: “And he could, right?” [Fox News, The Five, 8/13/12]

Sean Hannity Dubbed Great American Panel “Ryan's Fan Club.” On his Fox News show, Sean Hannity labeled his “Great American” panel “Ryan's Fan Club.” Panelists then proceeded to gush over Ryan, calling him “unfailingly civil” and “courageous,” while praising him for having a “good body.” [Fox News, Hannity, 8/14/12]

Fox Spliced Ryan And Reagan Quotes Together. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly aired a segment on America Live comparing Ryan to former President Ronald Reagan by splicing their quotes together, saying that Ryan not only looks and sounds like Reagan, but that they are ideologically similar. [Media Matters, 8/14/12]

Fox Nation: Were “Paul Ryan & Matt Damon Separated At Birth?” In an August 14 post to Twitter, Fox Nation asked if Ryan and actor Matt Damon were “separated at birth”:

[Twitter, 8/14/12]

Dick Morris: Ryan Is “The Single Brightest Person Currently In American Politics.” On Fox & Friends, Fox contributor Dick Morris called Ryan “the single brightest person currently in American politics.” [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 8/15/12]

Fox's Crowley: Paul Ryan Is “Nice Eye Candy,” He “Could Chair My Budget Committee Any Day.” During a segment on Fox Business' Imus in the Morning, Fox News contributor Monica Crowley said of Paul Ryan: He's “kind of nice eye candy ... he could chair my budget committee any day.” [Fox Business, Imus in the Morning, 8/15/12]