The House Passed A Health Care Bill That Will Kill People. These Media Figures Called It A Victory.

Media figures rushed to call the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) a “win” or “victory” for the Republican Party and President Donald Trump, despite the fact that millions will lose health care. 

1. Eric Bolling 

ERIC BOLLING: Obamacare is dying, American health care is rising, and President Trump gets a big, beautiful, huge win. And frankly, as a conservative, I was very encouraged to see the GOP put their differences aside and pass massive legislation.

2. Jeff Zeleny

JEFF ZELENY: This is really a victory lap in every sense of the word here, because it is his first legislative victory. We absolutely have to say that, we have to hand it to him.

3. Peter Doocy

PETER DOOCY: We do expect within the next 20 minutes or so, they are going to head on down to the White House for basically what is a victory lap, going down Pennsylvania Avenue for a stop with the president who promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and then come on back. You heard from Congressman Duffy there, sounds like there might be some kind of party for the GOP members who just came through on something that they said to do, that they set out to do.

4. Dana Bash

DANA BASH: This is something we should take a note of and say this is particularly since they were in such dire straits they had to pull the bill they thought Obamacare would be the law of the land for so long after they really messed this up a little more than a month ago. Now they have some victory to declare.

5. Jim Acosta

JIM ACOSTA: You can see they're making preparations right now for this victory lap that President Trump and House Republicans are going to be taking here in the Rose Garden. Over my shoulder you can see members of the House Republican caucus are making their way to stand behind the podium there. Stand behind the president as he declares victory here after the house passed the repeal and replace law to take out Obamacare.

6. David Chalian

DAVID CHALIAN: I don't think we can overstate what a big, short-term, immediate win this is for the president.

7. Matt Schlapp

MATT SCHLAPP: My view is you can’t swerve around the idea that this is a victory for President Trump.

8. Jon Scott

JON SCOTT: Republicans can at least for the moment, relish in a bit of a victory here.

9. Gloria Borger

GLORIA BORGER: This is, you know, not a full on victory for him. Although as Jeff pointed out it's his first, you know, legislative win.

10. Andrea Mitchell

ANDREA MITCHELL: Look this is a victory.

11. Wolf Blitzer

WOLF BLITZER: A big, big win for the Republicans and the House of Representatives.

12. Guy Benson

GUY BENSON: Speaker Ryan and President Trump have been looking for a victory on this bill for months. This is a big legislative step, if not a full bore accomplishment just yet.

13. Sean Hannity

SEAN HANNITY: Every promise that was made they failed you on that it is imperative that we understand what this turn now provides in terms of opportunity for American people. And in that case, it's a win.

14. John Roberts

JOHN ROBERTS: Clearly this is going to be a victory lap for the president. That's why he's delayed his arrival here in New York City.

15. Liz Claman

LIZ CLAMAN:  Folks, this does appear to be a major legislative victory for President Trump.

16. Ford O'Connell

FORD O'CONNELL: It absolutely is a win for Donald Trump.

17. Elizabeth Harrington

ELIZABETH HARRINGTON: I think this health care legislation was a huge legislative win for Trump that he desperately needed.

18. John King

JOHN KING: I think what this does now is this is a -- this gives the president the short-term victory to get the long-term success he and the Republicans want. 

19. Hugh Hewitt

 HUGH HEWITT: It’s a big win for Republicans. There’s no way to spin it. Democrats will try … but this was a huge win for Republicans.