Hannity's witchcraft vs “bearded Marxist” double standard

It isn't often that someone's hypocrisy is exposed by their own words in a matter of seconds, but Sean Hannity was up to the task on tonight's edition of Hannity:

Hannity attacked the media for reporting on Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell's 1999 admission that she had "dabbled in witchcraft" since it was something that occurred in the past, when she was “in high school.” Less than a minute after making this defense of O'Donnell, Hannity referred to her opponent, Democrat Chris Coons as “the bearded Marxist,” which is a reference to an opinion piece Coons wrote 20 years ago in his college newspaper.

Apparently things in the past don't matter to Hannity, unless he opposes you, which then means they matter a lot.

This new-found distaste for reporting on past statements and associations flies in the face of Hannity's long-time tactic of attacking Democrats for their past associations or behavior, no matter how tenuous or untethered from reality.