Hannity's Sexist, Ageist Attack Against Hillary Clinton

Sean Hannity Claims Sen. Marco Rubio Is A “Young And Energetic” Father While Clinton Is An “Aging, Out Of Ideas, Often Shrill” Grandmother

From the April 13 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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HANNITY: You know the one theme that they're playing up - I don't get it - that she's a grandmother. She stresses in the end of her book Hard Choices, the idea is to humanize her, frankly, how do I say, being a grandmother just means, to me., that you're getting older. Doesn't humanize you. Oh, she's a grandmother, grandma, what, are we going to call the president of the United States “grandma?” I mean, honestly, that's something that she stressed in the epilogue of her book Hard Choices. I think this is all a makeover image campaign for her, to humanize her. In that sense, it doesn't do the job from my perspective, I don't think we're going to have her running as the grandmother in chief, going to work every single day. She already faces a problem of being seen as a figure from the past and someone who is kind of stale, and tired, and out of ideas, and doesn't have energy and didn't do a particularly good job or outstanding job as secretary of state.


I like Marco Rubio and I think for him to be announcing the day after Hillary did and to be able to compare and contrast. Everybody in the media seems to think its going get buried because of the Hillary announcement . I think just the opposite. And I think this new Republican Party, with these dynamic three Senators -- and I think these are three of the best we've got-- I'd add Mike Lee to the list too. I'd also, Ben Sasse is another one. I'm also impressed with Tom Cotton, he's getting pretty good every day. But I've got to tell you something, this is a dynamic, new solutions oriented Republican Party. This is the best that we have in the U.S. Senate here. Yesterday we heard from a leader from yesterday who wants to take you back to yesterday. I think tonight you're going to hear from somebody who wants to talk about the future, 43 year-old father of young kids. And the contrast between Rubio and Clinton couldn't be greater. He's young, energetic, bubbling with new ideas, an inspirational speaker with an inspirational background. Obvious political talent, in touch with the times. She's aging, out of ideas, often shrill, apparently according to oral reports angry and clearly not inspiring. Marco's 43, Hillary's closer to 70.


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