Hannity uses Fox News to fulfill reported behind-the-scenes promise to promote House candidate

In March, Newsday reported that John Gomez became the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for New York's 2nd Congressional District “because he has an 800-pound gorilla in his corner: megastar radio and Fox TV conservative pundit Sean Hannity.” Newsday reported that “GOP sources” said Hannity promised “to do all he could” to promote Gomez, who eventually received the GOP nomination, including helping to fundraise and bring in headliners for events.

In discussing Gomez's candidacy, Suffolk GOP chairman John Jay LaValle reportedly said that “anytime someone with Sean Hannity's stature vouches for your credibility, it's very significant” and can “absolutely be a game-changer”; Suffolk Conservative Party chairman Ed Walsh reportedly said Hannity “would be active ... and Sean being maybe the biggest conservative on TV and radio (would help).”

Hannity appears to be making good on his reported promise to promote and help with headliners for Gomez. On his Fox News program last night, Hannity hosted Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), who appeared at a rally for Gomez today in Long Island. During the segment, Bachmann and Hannity both touted Gomez and his rally:

HANNITY: All right. By the way, you're going to be at -- tomorrow morning for those people in New York, Long Island, you are supporting somebody who I was best friends with from third grade.

BACHMANN: That's what I understand.

HANNITY: My friend John Gomez.

BACHMANN: Even though he's your best friend, I love John Gomez, he's a great candidate and he's running against Steve Israel his opponent.


BACHMANN: And I cannot wait to go out there.

HANNITY: Steve Israel votes for Nancy Pelosi, 99 percent, I've invited him on this program, on the radio, he won't come.

BACHMANN: John Gomez told me that he would be a part of the Tea Party caucus in the United States Congress. We welcome him. We need John Gomez. So, I'm just hoping that a lot of people on Long Island will work for him to get him in office.

Bachmann is a frequent guest on Hannity's Fox News and radio programs. Likewise, Gomez has also received the endorsement of conservative radio host and Hannity friend Mark Levin, who sent a fundraising solicitation on his behalf in May. In June, Fox News contributor and frequent Hannity guest Newt Gingrich appeared at a fundraiser for Gomez.


“Game-changer” Hannity launches GOP candidate's career with promises of fundraising and promotions