Hannity: Trump has “a history of not being racist” and has “spoken out against racism” his whole life

Fact: Trump has a long history of racism including his promotion of birtherism and his failure to denounce Nazi protests in Charlottesville

From the August 23 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Try and put yourself in the position of the president. If you were unfairly lied about, if you were called a racist, one of the worst things you can say about somebody. You know you're not, you have a history of not being racist, you've spoken out against racism your whole life, woudn't you feel a need to defend yourself, your honor, your reputation, your character, your family? Well the destroy Trump media, they are beyond pathetic and they deserve now every bit of criticism that they're getting from the president and rational thinking Americans.


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