Hannity threatens Republicans opposed to Jim Jordan as speaker: “My patience is running thin”

Hannity threatens Republicans opposed to Jim Jordan as speaker: "My patience is running thin"

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Citation From the October 16, 2023, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): And by the way, Republicans -- my patience is running thin. They'll have a vote tomorrow at noon for Jim Jordan as speaker.

I start asking people because I do at my job. And I call around, and I'm like, "Okay. What's the latest? What's happening? How's support for Jim Jordan going?"

So, I got a list of people that -- that I'm told by my sources are not supporting Jim Jordan. I ask a series of questions.

"Hannity's trying to influence" -- does anybody know what my job is? Jason, have I not been clear, repeatedly, on this program, what the role -- what my job is? Have I been clear about that? Have I defined it for everybody -- 

JASON MOSSE (PRODUCER): Over and over. 

HANNITY: Over and over. Yes, you're right. That is -- yeah, I'm a member of the press, I am. I'm a radio talk show host. I'm a TV talk show host. Okay. What does that mean?


Sometimes I do investigative reporting. Sometimes I'm just giving opinion. Sometimes we're just talking about the, you know, cultural issues of the day. Sports even, but they claim they're journalists.

So, I'm doing my job, working my sources, trying to figure out when Republicans are gonna open the people's house again, because I think people's patience by the end of this week is gonna have run out.

And Jim Jordan is now the leading candidate. And I'm asking people that I've been told repeatedly by a number of people, a number of sources, that are not voting for Jim Jordan, asking them, "Why?"

Simple questions. You know, it's -- it's really not that difficult to to ask, you know, questions like this. You know, oh, really, really, really hard questions like, "Okay, is it true? You're not supporting Jim Jordan." I don't think that's a difficult question. I have my staff sent out.

"Is it accurate that report? If not, thank you for telling us. You know, is it if it is true and you're not supporting them, can you explain why when war's breaking out with Israel, Hamas, and war in Ukraine and wide open borders and a budget that's unfinished, why are you against Jim Jordan for speaker? Tell us the reasons. You know, let us know, you know, what your plans are to open up the people's house to work and begin to get done."

And lastly, is there any conditions which you would work with the Democrats to elect a new speaker, which by the way, those news reports are everywhere. How dare I ask those questions? Why? I'm asking you because it's my job so I can report back to you.