Hannity Smears Trump Protesters, MoveOn.org: “This Is Liberal Facism”

Sean Hannity: Trump Protests Are About “Silencing Voices That You Dare To Disagree With”

From the March 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: Has anybody asked the question, do you know that when he went to this university, apparently predominantly majority-minority school, that no other Republican had ever attempted to go to. Has anybody asked why city of Chicago is so incapable of stopping the violence? Hey dead fish, you haven't paid attention to all the dead people in your backyard. You can't even manage a political event without it becoming a zoo and a disaster. It's amazing the times we're living in.  You know what? This is liberal fascism. This is silencing voices that you dare to disagree with. This is about [Condoleezza] Rice being silenced. This is about any conservative that dares to ever go on a college campus. And I'll tell you, this is not going to end either. You've got MoveOn.org now planning to disrupt more Trump events. We saw it throughout the weekend. He has to stop his speech, twenty, twenty five, thirty times. And then you had the one lunatic jump over the fence. And, oh this is Donald Trump's -- this is not Donald Trump's fault. And Republicans are falling right into line here and there's two things that are top stories today. One is this liberal fascism to silence any voice that liberals disagree with and who these people are and who's funding these people, MoveOn.org, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, just go through -- Madison, Wisconsin. We can go through any example. If some people on the left, they don't like what happens then this is how they're going to react. They don't want other people to hear it either if it means people that want to hear a message, oh forget it. And it's funded, we keep hearing Soros money is associated with a lot of these groups. Isn't it great George Soros is there to disrupt the country as much as he possible can?


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