Hannity Slams Erick Erickson And “So-Called Conservative Leaders” For Trying To Deny Trump The GOP Nomination

Sean Hannity Calls Possible Creation of Third Party To Defeat Trump “A Circular Firing Squad”

From the March 17 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Alright, that's from The Circus, the show with Mark Halperin on Showtime. And there you have it, basically talking about everything we've been telling you, including our friend Erick Erickson. By the way, I have no problem with these guys meeting, and if this is where they want to go, that's fine. I just think it's a bad idea, my own personal opinion. And Erick sent out, as we've talked with Jamie about, I have signed no oath of loyalty to Trump or the GOP. “I'm a conservative, I believe in limited government, free markets, free people. Donald Trump does not,” he said on his website. Now his group includes a whole bunch of other people, that apparently were at this meeting, and look -- this is now a growing narrative, that I guess people are going to have to face. I mean, if you look at the numbers, the numbers are pretty clear, that for Ted Cruz to win this nomination, he's got an uphill climb. And that is gonna make it harder. So the Washington Post tells the story that today the group of so-called conservative leaders got together to plot a third party challenge to Donald Trump. Either the so-called conservative leaders have a political death wish, or the Washington Post is engaging in a boatload of wishful thinking. Either way, that's just my take. This, to me, is a suicide mission. This is a circular firing squad.


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