Hannity: Sen. Ben Sasse Is Rejecting Trump To Fulfill “His Own Desire” To Run Third Party

Sean Hannity: “I Suspect He Has His Own Desire To Run For President”

From the May 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): If you want my take, I supported Ben Sasse for the senate and I said -- how many times, Linda, on this program -- wow, I really like this guy. He’s a rising star and a real strong, solid conservative voice. I’m going to give you my speculation. Now this may be somewhat slanted, considering he came up to me in a pretty confrontational way when I was at CPAC and accused me of saying something that I had never said, so we had this long exchange -- it’s pretty well-publicized. And anyway, I’ve come to a conclusion here, because he’s now working with Romney and Bill Kristol, apparently, and they’re flirting with the idea of going third-party. And if they go third-party I can tell you that that is a guaranteed prescription for Hillary Clinton to be the next president. But my own take on it, after really really analyzing it, and this I can’t base it in fact, I’m giving you what I think. I think Ben Sasse has his own political ambitions. I suspect that he has his own desire to run for president. And I may be wrong, he would probably outright deny it, but we’ll see. We’ll see if I turn out to be right in the next couple of years.


My TV producer said to me the other day, “Oh, you want to bring Sen. Sasse on?” I said not really. And he goes, “No, it’d be great TV. You guys can fight it out.” And I said why bother? I said  I’m not going to spend my airtime trying to convince people that they ought to vote for the Republican nominee who won the will of the people. I said, if he chooses not to do it, that’s his business. I’m not going to sit there and try to convince him who to vote for or not vote for. If he wants to stay home, let him stay home.


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