Hannity Says Clinton Cash Book “Was Never Debunked,” One Day After His Fox Colleague Debunked It

Radio and Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed that Peter Schweizer's book, Clinton Cash, has never been debunked, ignoring his own Fox colleague who reported that the book included “proven” falsehoods. During the June 23 edition of The Sean Hannity Show, host Hannity invited Schweizer to discuss his anti-Clinton book after claims from the book appeared in a speech given by Donald Trump. Hannity claimed that Schweizer's book “never was debunked in any capacity” and praised it's criticism of Clinton. But just one day prior, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported that Trump quoted the book despite the publisher of the book, Harper Collins, “re-edit[ing] 7-8 paragraphs that were proven wrong.” Even Fox News' Bill O'Reilly admitted that “Fox News cannot confirm the data” in the book. From the show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Right after the speech there's David Gergen, a liberal leftist hack for Hillary, and he basically accused Trump of slander, and you, oh that book has been basically debunked, and I'm thinking, no it hasn't. 


HANNITY: It never was debunked in any capacity, although George Stephanopoulos tried to do a hit piece on you. It shows how in the pocket he still is for the Clintons. But I don't know that anybody debunked the truth of your book and the exhaustive research and footnotes you put in that book.

SCHWEIZER: No, Sean, in fact look, and here I have to give some positive comments to certain media outlets. The New York Times did a 4,000 word front page piece on the Iranian nuclear deal confirmed what we found, the investigative team, Washington Post did a front page piece confirming our stuff on Haiti about how Hillary's brother getting a gold mine and other problems with Haiti reconstruction, The Wall Street Journal news division, Fox News of course, and even ABC News, the investigative unit confirmed a large portion of the findings. The real outliers in the coverage of this book, frankly, have been NBC and CNN. They have had zero, zero curiosity of even asking people questions about this. Think about this, Sean. New York Times does a 4,000 word front page investigative piece about the Clintons getting $145 million from shareholders invovled in this Russian uranium deal. CNN has Hillary Clinton on repeatedly. They didn't ask her one quesiton about this. Any other politician in America that had been subject to a 4,000 word, front page New York Times investigation, CNN would ask them repeated questions about it. CNN has zero curiosity on these subjects. It's mind-boggling.

HANNITY: No, they're too busy taking time out of Trump's speech to see if he breathes in deeply. That's the extent of their stupid coverage.