Hannity Rushes To Defend Limbaugh's Misogynistic Attacks

Fox News' Sean Hannity has joined other right-wing media figures in rushing to the defense of Rush Limbaugh over his misogynistic attacks on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

Limbaugh devoted several shows this week to attacking Fluke, who recently testified before Congress about the problems caused when women lack access to contraception.

On Wednesday, Limbaugh called Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” for supporting the administration's ruling that most organizations be required to provide health insurance that covers birth control. He doubled down on the attack on Thursday and Friday.

Limbaugh's comments have been condemned by a number of prominent figures, including politicians of both parties and commentators from across the political spectrum. But not Hannity, one of Fox News' most prominent hosts. On Friday's edition of his radio show, Hannity said that Limbaugh was simply making the point that “for crying out loud, why is the taxpayer bearing the cost of the sex life of students at Georgetown University law school?” Hannity also said that Limbaugh “did not mean it” when he remarked that that women who have contraceptive coverage should post sex videos online.

On the Friday edition of his Fox News show, Hannity launched his own attack on Fluke, accusing her of telling falsehoods. Hannity said of Fluke: “How do you go before Congress and make a false argument that [birth control] is $3,000 in the course of my career?” He added: “If it's the insurance company that they think should give it to them for free or they think that it's the government that should pay for it, what they're asking for is people, many of whom have different religious views, to fund their birth control, which is fairly inexpensive.”