On Hannity, Rudy Giuliani Claims “ISIS Is An Obama Creation”

Giuliani: “ISIS Is Filling A Vacuum Created By A Vacuous Foreign Policy”

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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RUDY GIULIANI: This has been a very difficult weekend for me because it brings back September 11 and all the terrible memories I have of it. And the thought then, when President Bush, you know, acted so desisively and so quickly, that maybe something like this wouldn't happen again. And the reality is, this did not have to happen, if our policies were different. If President Obama had listened to Senator McCain and Senator Graham and a whole group of other people and had set up a no-fly zone in Syria five years ago, if we had gone in and we had worked with the Syrian legitimate rebels, if we had not taken our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, ISIS never would have emerged. ISIS is filling a vacuum created by a vacuous foreign policy. President Obama -- this is an Obama -- ISIS is an Obama creation. This would not have happened. Just follow me for a second. If we had 50 or 60,000 troops in Iraq, we would have been getting the intelligence that would have told us about the development of ISIS. And that would have been given to the CIA. Once you take your troops out, we have no resources, we have no real access. 


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