Hannity repeats a Las Vegas conspiracy theory from the Gateway Pundit

Despite being forced to apologize for sharing incorrect information from the site previously, Sean Hannity shares another conspiracy theory from Gateway Pundit, just a day after it was ridiculed for sharing a 4chan hoax about the Las Vegas massacre

Radio personality and Fox News host Sean Hannity repeated an unverified conspiracy theory hyped by The Gateway Pundit suggesting that multiple people may have been involved in the Las Vegas shooting that left scores of people dead.

Hannity claimed that according to The Gateway Pundit, receipts from Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s room service order indicates that another person could have been in the room during the massacre at Mandalay Bay. The theory was first floated by Infowars with the headline “Receipts show Paddock had another guest in his room before shooting.” The story was then picked up by serial liar Jim Hoft’s outlet The Gateway Pundit, which Hannity cited in his radio program without independent verification.

Hannity is known for pushing conspiracy theories, including his campaign to prove that DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered for leaking to WikiLeaks. Hannity has previously also had to apologize for repeating another hoax pushed by The Gateway Pundit that claimed then-President Obama rescinded his endorsement of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton days before the 2016 election. Hannity legitimizing The Gateway Pundit as a credible source comes just days after the outlet published a 4chan-inspired hoax accusing the wrong person of being the Las Vegas shooter:  

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The investigators are now looking for some mystery woman that was spotted with Paddock just before the massacre. This was NBC News’ report they said the FBI is trying to track down this so-called mystery woman spotted with him in the days prior to the attack. They don’t know if she has any connection with the attack but they’d like to speak with her as they build the timeline of his last days and as we pointed out the girlfriend was out of town.

Gateway Pundit added that the Mandalay Bay room service receipt for Paddock’s room and I see the Washington Examiner now has copies of it and a couple of times that he ordered room service and it’s like the first question that they always ask you, “will you be dining with, how many people will be dining?” I mean every single time I order room service since I’ve been here, “how many people will be dining?” You say one. Well the check says two, so was there somebody else in the room? Now, some people said that the brother had suggested, “Well it wouldn’t be unusual for him to order two meals.” OK, but that doesn’t give an answer when asked the question, how many people will be dining?