Hannity radio guest: “You should have ivermectin in the household. In the event you get COVID, you should take it right away”

Hannity radio guest tells listeners to "not get admitted" to a hospital if they have COVID and take Ivermectin "right away"

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Citation From the December 16, 2021, edition of Premiere Radio's The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I can tell you that this morning, that a friend of mine's wife who's not vaccinated, popped positive. And I know of three hospitals in New York that she could go -- she could choose from to get monoclonal antibodies, and she already got the infusion.

RALPH LORIGO (GUEST): That's good because --

HANNITY: And every person I know that has done that early has done very well. But I'm not a doctor, but their doctor recommended it.  

LORIGO: So, the trick is never -- is not to get admitted. I mean, the situation is clearly not to get admitted to the hospital. As soon as you get COVID, first of all, what I tell people, is they need to be prepared in advance. You should have ivermectin in the household. In the event you get COVID, you should take it right away. 

But the monoclonal antibody is the first thing you would get if you were getting treatment. You know, that's the first thing you would get. When you go to the hospital, they will not administer it after admission.  

HANNITY: Well, why not? Like in the case of this woman, an old friend of mine's wife, I mean, I know I -- I sent a friend of mine, 78 years old. His wife was 68 years old. They were both unvaccinated. They went to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, and they got the infusion and they both did great. I have a friend that lives five minutes from my house, fully vaccinated. He had a breakthrough case. He got it within 24 hours. He did great. I have two other friends that live in -- three other friends -- that live in Florida. Same thing. All vaccinated, all popped positive, all within hours get the infusion and all did well.

LORIGO: Again, look I hear you -- and that's true. The problem is everybody I have is in a hospital already.