Hannity on racist Trump rally chant: “I don't think they were saying ‘send her back’ as much as they're saying, ‘These views are repugnant’”

From the July 18 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So, when the president said -- and he had actually tweeted out, which I thought was very interesting, in that the media would never talk about -- it's up to people to decide whether to stay or leave. He was very clear about that. But if she comes from a country where abortion is imprisonment, or if even assisting in such, where if you say anything bad about Islam you're going to jail, if you happen to be gay you're going to jail -- and the president says, “All right, go fix that country, your country of origin, you're a citizen, he said, it's up to you if you want to stay or go, but then you can come back and tell us how to fix this place after you fix that place.”

I think the people of North Carolina were taking -- I don't think they were saying “send her back” as much as they're saying, “These views are repugnant.”

DAN BONGINO: Sean, I think there is a large portion of America that's tired of this. Listen, we're a country that has had its flaws. We have our battle scars. You know, we lost hundreds of thousands of men defeating the scourge of slavery in the initiation of our country. But we've come so far, and people like Omar succeed in the United States with a uniquely American dream, and people are tired of having this country crapped on constantly by far-leftists that can't admit that overall, we're a great place.

SEAN: Do you believe that's what the people who were chanting last night in North Carolina, about how outrageous -- this is a country that has opened its hearts to people of -- from every country around the world? Was that what they were angry about?

BONGINO: I think so.


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