Hannity Pushes For A Shutdown While Claiming It Will Be The Dems Fault If There Is One

As we've documented, the conservative media has simultaneously been rooting for a government shutdown while claiming that any such shutdown would be Democrats' fault. But few right-wing media figures have managed to do this quite as blatantly as Sean Hannity did tonight.

Tonight, Hannity started his Fox News show by condemning Democrats in Congress for supposedly “rooting for a shutdown.” Hannity attacked Sen. Chuck Schumer and those on the left for not wanting to engage in “honest negotiation.”

But less than an hour later, Hannity himself appeared to be “rooting for a shutdown.” As Greta Van Susteren teased her upcoming show, she mentioned that some members of Congress think a shutdown may not be a bad idea, and Hannity responds “shut it down, time for a fight, shut it down.”

Here's Hannity attacking people on the left for supposedly “rooting for a shutdown”:

Video file

And here's Hannity rooting for a shutdown himself:

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