Hannity promotes dangerous conspiracy theory that Democrats want to let parents kill babies in hospitals like in gladiator-style entertainment

Hannity: Dems want infants to live or die based on “whether [the mother's] thumb went up or down. ... What is this Gladiator?”

From the February 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Democrats, clearly, are obsessed with not just late term abortion but now abortion up to the moment of birth or even, maybe, after a woman is dilating -- or a governor that would actually suggest that, oh first we'll deliver the baby, we'll make sure the baby is comfortable and then the mother will decide if the baby needs any type of resuscitation. We'll let the mom decide whether the baby lives or dies and then we'll have a discussion later. Maybe tea and crumpets, maybe a cocktail with the doctor and the mother after the kid either lived or died whether her thumb went up or down. Sounds like -- what is this Gladiator? Is this a Roman -- is this Caesar and the games of Rome that we're talking about? Hm, let me decide. Well, do I like the color of the eyes, hair? Imagine. Think of how liberals love to talk about animals. Would they ever do that to a cat? A dog? How do you get to the point -- it's not about abortion, this is infanticide. 


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