Hannity, Perino team up to give CA candidate the FoxPAC treatment

The latest beneficiary of Fox News' sycophantic treatment of Republican candidates is Damon Dunn, a candidate for California secretary of state.

Dunn first benefited from a segment devoted to him on a special weekend edition of Hannity, titled “The Fight to Control Congress.” The bulk of the 8-minute-long segment was a fawning video profile of Dunn narrated by none other than Fox News contributor Dana Perino, complete with dramatic music and even a dramatization of one incident in Dunn's young life:

Hannity followed up on Tuesday by devoting another, 6-minute-long segment of his show to Dunn, airing a clip of Perino's profile that led to an appearance by Dunn himself:

As so many other FoxPAC beneficiaries have done in the past during their appearances on the channel, Dunn concluded his softball interview with a plea for donations and a plug for his website.

Remember: it's only the middle of August, folks. There's another two and a half months of FoxPAC activism to come.