Hannity Panel Attacks Charlie Rose For Challenging Rubio's False Claim That Clinton Misled Public About Benghazi

From the November 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY: GOP presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio literally schooling Charlie Rose. Joining us now with reaction, from The Weekly Standard, Steve Hayes. Chairman of the American Conservative Union, the ACU, Matt Schlapp. And Fox News contributor, Deroy Murdock. You know, I'm -- yeah, she lied. She told Chelsea, the Libyan president, the Egyptian prime minister one thing and us something else. That's a lie.

DEROY MURDOCK: That's exactly right. I like to say people died, Hillary lied. Look, she sent out a statement at 10:32 saying “some have sought to justify this vicious behavior in response to an inflammatory material posted on the Internet.” Forty minutes later she contacts Chelsea Clinton and said, “we lost a couple of our people. They were killed in Benghazi by an Al Qaeda-like group.” What Hillary Clinton basically did was go around and tell people privately that Al Qaeda did this, whenever she got in front of a microphone and tell the public, she said it was a video. That's called lying. Lying.

MATT SCHLAPP: Look, Charlie Rose is one of these journalists that's always at the Clinton Global -

HANNITY: Can we not call him a journalist?

MATT SCHLAPP: OK, one of these --

HANNITY: He's a talk show host who poses as a journalist.

SCHLAPP: He's a center-left opinionist if anything else. And he goes to the Clinton Global Initiative, he's part of their friends, and, you know, look, they're like a -- she's -- they're like a mama bear, when the baby bear is in trouble, and they know she is vulnerable as hell on Benghazi, and that's why they are shouting with all their lungs.

HANNITY: And Steve Hayes, all their efforts to rehabilitate her, I don't think worked. Because those are going to be campaign ads. The timeline that Deroy just mentioned, that is an ad.

STEVE HAYES: Yeah, I think Deroy got it exactly right. What -- I have a little bit of a different take. I mean, I find Charlie Rose's show pretty interesting sometimes. And when he goes in and does in-depth interviews, he seems to know his stuff, he sometimes solicits I think very interesting and important information, but in this interview -

HANNITY: Yeah, how many more times can he have Nicholas Kristof on, or whoever the --

HAYES: Yeah, well, but in this interview, he was just dead wrong, and he was wrong repeatedly. And what I thought was interesting was that Marco Rubio knew the issue well enough to push back at Charlie Rose and say no, no, no, you're not going to push me around. It was a contrast to what happened between Candy Crowley a few years ago and Mitt Romney on the debate stage.

HANNITY: Wasn't that just like Ted Cruz at the debate? That was a moment.

HAYES: It was, yes.

HANNITY: I think, now, I think the world has changed.


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