Hannity Mocks Bill Kristol For Vowing To Support Third Party Candidate Over Donald Trump

Sean Hannity: “It Sounds To Me Like You're Picking Up Your Little Toys And You're Going Home If You Don't Get Your Way”

From the September 15 edition of Premiere Radio Network's Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: We have the first “I'm taking my toys and going home if Donald Trump wins,” and that's Bill Kristol! This was on Breitbart today. So Donald Trump now, has taken the pledge not to go third party, which everybody was worried about -- considering he keeps dominating in the polls. And Reince Priebus, maybe he needs to now make sure that the Republican establishment takes the same pledge! Because you've got major establishment Republicans, on the eve of this big debate tomorrow night, coming out against Donald Trump. You've got the Club for Growth, and I generally like them. They've announced a one million dollar anti-Trump campaign ad that we'll get to in a few minutes, and then we've got Bill Kristol out there saying that he doubts that he would support -- he said one of the biggest, you know, the Weekly Standard editor, Bill Kristol! Doubts he would support a Democrat in the general election, but would quote, 'support getting someone good on the ballot as a third party candidate.'

That sounds to me like an establishment guy, no offense, Bill. Never had any issues, any problems with Bill Kristol, but it sounds to me like you're picking up your little toys, and you're going home if you don't get your way, and your fellow Republicans decide that they want Donald Trump as the nominee. He said, “I doubt I would support Donald, I doubt it. I doubt I would support a democrat, I would support getting someone on the ballot as a third party candidate.” And that will guarantee the election, Bill Kristol, of a democrat. And if anybody that considered themselves a conservative, like me, that have had to suck it up for years with crappy candidates, and establishment candidates that can't win? Now all of the sudden, there's somebody that you don't like, that 33 percent of the Republican party likes in a 16 person field at this moment! And if you don't get your guy, or somebody that fits your description of what a Republican could be, you're going to pick up your toys and go home!


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