Hannity “A Little Surprised” By Reports O'Reilly Hates Him

From the October 5 edition of Fox Business' Imus In the Morning:

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IMUS: I was reading, I think it was Howard Kurtz in Newsweek, or somebody, did an interview with Roger Ailes, our boss, and Mr. Ailes said, I didn't realize -- I was talking to [unintelligible] about this -- that O'Reilly hates you and Rush. Did you know that?

HANNITY: Well, I saw that. Yeah, I kind of knew it. But, you know, I had no idea it had to do with radio.


HANNITY: I thought all these years it was because I was so much younger and had a lot more hair than he did. You know, actually, I was a little surprised, because I had done a lot of big things to help Bill out over the years. But, I think he clarified it. I was watching him on your show last week, and he said he hates everyone, so I'll kinda take him at his word at that, that he hates everyone. I just hope he doesn't hate the folks, though, that he's supposed to be looking out for.

IMUS: Well, you know, the spin stops there.

HANNITY: That's what I'm thinkin.

IMUS: I just felt bad for you. I just don't want you to meet him in the hallway here and be scared. You know, he's a big guy.

HANNITY: Don, you know, that's alright -- you know, I don't think I've seen him in seven years.

IMUS: Really?

HANNITY: We never see each other. I'm doing my radio show when he tapes his TV show, and I do my TV show live.

IMUS: And you're on over 500 stations. I think that Roger said that he hated you guys because your radio show was successful. I don't think he has one anymore, right?

HANNITY: No, I don't think so.


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