Hannity Lashes Out At Republicans Abandoning Trump For Being “Wimps” And “Babies”

Sean Hannity: “These Guys Are Upset About A Few Words? I'm So Angry At The -- They're Such Wimps”

From the October 10 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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LISA BOOTHE: Another thing that's interesting, Sean, if you look at -- the RNC put out a statement touting the debate, so it looks like that they may actually be staying with Trump and keeping those funds to his campaign versus directing them to down ballot races, which is important to him --

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): By the way, there's such a -- alright, with all due -- Lisa, these people are such babies. You know, here you have --

BOOTHE: But, Sean.

HANNITY: A family that abused women, prosecuted women, smeared them, slandered them, a guy that had sex with an intern, cigars and dresses and accusations of rape and groping and grabbing, and these guys are upset about a few words? I'm so angry at the -- they're such wimps.

BOOTHE: But Sean, the point -- I get it, but the point I'm making is he needs them from a grass roots operation perspective, from getting out the vote.

HANNITY: You're right.

BOOTHE: He needs them from a tactical campaign perspective, so he needs them to stay with him and it looks like based off the statement tonight that they might be.

HANNITY: I think they would.


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