Hannity: Joe Biden's remarks condemning voter suppression laws were “better suited for a despotic socialist dictator”

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Citation From the July 13, 2021, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): But first tonight, breaking today, extremely troubling rhetoric from the president of the United States. If you are one of millions of Americans who disagree with the radical policies put forth by the Democratic Party, watch out, because Joe Biden, well, he referred his political opponents -- today, he referred to them as "Domestic enemies." Where's the media that got so upset when Donald Trump said the media is an enemy of the people, because they lie and tell fake news? 

Anyway, saying they are working to subvert American democracy. In a set of prepared remarks -- this wasn't off-the-cuff -- better suited for a despotic socialist dictator, frankly, Joe Biden said that our country is facing its most significant test since the Civil War, echoing Jen Psaki, because all state legislatures -- why, they're requiring voter I.D., like his state? Standardized early voting, chain of custody, integrity and verification for all ballots? And now according to whoever wrote Joe's speech, any Republican that supports integrity laws so we can have competence in election results is, what, an enemy of the state?