Hannity Invites GOP Activist Toensing To Spout Debunked Myths Ahead Of Hillary Clinton's Testimony To Benghazi Committee

Hannity Again Urges Committee To Delay Hearing

From the October 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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VICTORIA TOENSING: Let me point something else out, Sean. You know what I'd be doing if I were that committee? I'd be canceling.


TOENSING: Thirteen hundred documents on the eve of the hearing?

HANNITY: Well this was yesterday. They gave 1,300 documents from Ambassador Stevens that had never been given over before.

TOENSING: Yeah, I can tell you this, if it were a courtroom and I get 1,300 documents from my adversary two days before the trial begins, I'm in the courtroom saying,  “Your honor, I need this to be postponed.”


HANNITY: I know that when I was interviewing Kevin McCarthy and he was running for Speaker of the House, he made that statement, that “oh look wedrove Hillary's numbers down.” I think it was inarticulate. I'm not sure that's exactly what he meant. But the reality is, is that they denied security before. Four Americans died. It makes a huge difference. Their stand down order was given. I interviewed the people that heard the stand down order.

TOENSING: There were two different stand down orders, Sean.

HANNITY: That's correct.

TOENSING: The ones you're talking about are the ones from the annex, who were told not to go.

HANNITY: That's correct.


HANNITY: This to me is a big deal. I concur with you, I think with the document dump, 1,300 pages, Ambassador Steven's emails, that they need time to absorb what's actually in there rather than having staffers going through it, last minute, staying up all night, and then trying to work the questions around it. So I agree with you on that part.


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