Hannity: “I Don't Think You Should Have Natural Born Citizenship When The Parent's Here Illegally”

Sean Hannity And A.J. Delgado Echo Trump's Assertion That American-Born Children Of Undocumented Immigrants Shouldn't Be Citizens

From the November 4 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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JULIE ROGINSKY: Pointing out that natural born citizens are natural born citizens. Kids who are born here are legally here and are legally citizens. That is part of our Constitution. [CROSSTALK]

SEAN HANNITY: Stop. But Donald Trump talked about illegal immigrants.

ROGINSKY: Well Donald Trump went further than that.

HANNITY: No, what Donald Trump said is factually accurate. Some people crossing this border may want a job and a better life. I get -- of course. But they have to do it legally. And there are people that come here without our best intentions.

ROGINSKY: But Donald Trump did go further. Donald Trump said we need to examine the kids of those people and whether they're American citizens or not. And they are constitutionally American citizens. What I'm saying to you is --

HANNITY: We can have the whole 14th Amendment debate, but the reality -

ROGINSKY: It's not a debate it's a reality, but what I'm saying --

HANNITY: No, it's not a reality. If you're in this country and you're a parent, illegally, I don't think you should have natural born citizenship when the parent's here illegally.

ROGINSKY: Take it up with the Supreme Court, but the law is the law.

HANNITY: I will. I'll go argue it tomorrow.


A.J. DELGADO: You know, only a few first world nations in the West have birthright citizenship. It is ridiculous that we have it, it's not racist -

ROGINSKY: You may not like it, but it's constitutionally accurate.

HANNITY: No it's not.

DELGADO: Right, so let's take it up like Sean said.


DELGADO: In practice it's ridiculous. You shouldn't be able to come here when you're eight months pregnant, pop out a kid, and that's an American citizen. It's ridiculous. And normal people would agree. If that makes somebody a racist, it's ridiculous. (emphasis added)


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