Hannity helps Vice President Pence downplay bombshells about Trump admin ties to Russia by attacking Hillary Clinton

From the July 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I want to ask you about media coverage, fake news, and what has been a nonstop fixation on Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, and all the while, and I’ve pointed this out on radio and TV regularly, a lot of real crimes, real injustices, real collusion, the Ukrainian collusion, the Uranium One deal, certainly the mishandling and destruction of classified information, top secret information with Hillary Clinton and James Comey releasing government documents and doing so to get a special counsel appointed. And in his case some of that information was classified. There seems to be no investigations into anything else expect Russia, Russia, Russia. What is your response to this?

MIKE PENCE: Well, my response is that we have in large numbers in the national media people who simply disagree with millions of Americans who voted not only for this president but for a change of direction in our nation’s capital. And their incessant effort to change the subject from the president’s determination to advance the safety and security of this country, to advance the prosperity of this country, have America standing tall in the world again, put America first in our economic policies and the way that we deal with nations all over the globe. I just see it, I see it in so many ways from the political class on the airwaves across this country to be just a running, seems like a running argument against this administration. But what’s most encouraging to me is I travel across America and I’ll be in Ohio tomorrow. It is, talking with the American people and meeting an awful lot of your listeners and your viewers around the country, the American people are grateful for this president’s focus on the agenda that he was elected to advance and that’s what we’re going to continue to stay focused.


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