Hannity guest blames mass violence victims for their own deaths because they didn't “have a plan”

Jonathan Gilliam says that if Las Vegas victims didn't drink so much they would have known the gunshots weren't fireworks

From the December 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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JONATHAN GILLIAM: I’m not hitting on anybody for this because this is where we have to get away from this mindset but the [Vegas] promoters, the sound people, the lighting people, what did they do? They sat there and tried to figure it out and they turned the lights on and everybody laid down. They pretty much just presented a huge target, no different than if you go on a range and you have a static target.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Now you can see everybody.

JONATHAN GILLIAM: So if they had understood the reality that we’re in, maybe you wouldn’t have as many drinks when you go there but if you hear some popping over, instead of saying, “That’s probably fireworks” you say “I think that’s gunshots, let's keep the lights off,” let’s already have a plan. Not make it up there. Have a plan.

HANNITY: It’s where you sit in restaurants for example.


HANNITY: There’s certain little things you can do to increase your safety odds that if something happens or even a movie theater for crying out loud.

GILLIAM: Every place I can guarantee you the majority of places you go. Take when the Ariana Grande concert was blowing up. Had you done any of these, if these parents had done any type of online surveillance of that area they would have known that is the drop off and pickup area. They should have told their kids wait 10, 15 minutes. Be the last one out of the stadium. We’ll get you down the road here. Don’t come out this area, that’s a critical area and that’s a critical time. Unfortunately they don’t think like that and those kids and those adults are dead now.


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