Hannity fans the flames of #ReleaseTheMemo hysteria, calls on listeners to lobby Congress

Sean Hannity: If you want to see the memo, ... call Congress now" and “say, 'Release the memo.'”

From the January 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): All that needs to happen is for the House intelligence committee to go into session, and then they have a vote on it, and then it would be sent to the White House. All the White House has to do, and I am certain they would do it, is check off that it's OK to allow the American people to see what it is that these congressman are so aghast at. 


We could then have a vote in the House and it would be released tonight, today, to you, the American people. Now, #ReleaseTheMemo has been trending as I saw it earlier today, and I just tweeted it out on Twitter. I want to see the memo. We have a right to see the memo.

And I am also told today that this memo is only 30 percent, maybe, of what is about to come out. We are talking about widespread FISA warrant abuse. And we're talking about not rank-and-file FBI people, not rank-and-file intelligence people. But we're talking about people at the highest level in these departments corruptly thinking that they know better than you as to who should be the American president. And it shocks the conscience what has gone on here.

The other thing this will expose to everybody is just how corrupt the mainstream, liberal left-wing media in this country is, just how wrong they have been. They are lying to you right now about what's going to happen. They're trying to scare the crap out of grandma and grandpa when it's not true about what a government shutdown really means. I'll go over that in detail.

So, if you want to see the memo, and you want the memo released, #ReleaseTheMemo, you can call Congress now at (202) 224-3121. You can ask for the speaker's office. You can ask for your congressman, your congresswoman's office and say, “Release the memo. Please do it now. We have a right to see it.”


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