Hannity Echoes Rove, Falsely Inflates Hillary Clinton's Hospital Stay

Fox News' Sean Hannity repeated a false claim by Fox commentator Karl Rove, who in baselessly implying that Hillary Clinton has brain damage incorrectly asserted that Clinton spent 30 days in the hospital following a fall in 2012.

Following reports that Rove questioned the recovery and health of the former secretary of state following a 2012 fall, Hannity parroted many of Rove's false assertions. Rove suggested that Clinton suffered from long-term damage after her fall and attacked the amount of time she spent in the hospital. During his May 13 Fox show, Hannity repeated Rove's false claim that Clinton spent 30 days in the hospital, asking, “whoever spends 30 days in the hospital these days?” Fox commentator Dr. Marc Siegel added that Rove is “on to something here”:

Hannity repeated the factually incorrect attack earlier in the day on his May 13 radio show:

Both Hannity and Rove are incorrect about the duration of Clinton's hospital stay.Clinton spent four days, not 30 days, in the hospital after a blood clot was discovered in her brain several days after her fall. 

UPDATE: During the May 14 edition of his Fox News show, Sean Hannity hosted Karl Rove to “set the record straight” about Rove's smears against Clinton. Hannity acknowledged during the interview that Clinton spent four days, not 30 days in the hospital, as both he and Rove falsely claimed. But Hannity failed to acknowledge that he had pushed the false claim that Clinton spent 30 days in the hospital: