Hannity Defends Putin, Blames Obama For Turkey Shooting Down Russian Warplane

Sean Hannity: Because Of Obama “You Have ... More Players Fighting For The Power That America Should Be Leading In”

From the November 24 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: Jamie, let's say you and I are neighbors, OK? And I keep saying, “Jamie, stop walking on my lawn with that dopey dog of yours” and the dog keeps pooping on my lawn. Let's say you keep doing it. Jamie, I'm not going to go out with my gun and shoot somebody. If you're saying that -- that the pilot was shot from Syria, then that means they really weren't that deep into Turkish airspace. And I'm just saying, at that point in time it seems to me that, you know if --

JAMIE DUPREE: So wait, so you believe the Russian version of events over the Turkish version?

HANNITY: I just think if what you're saying is true that would tend to corroborate the Vladimir Putin story more, which is that they weren't that far in if even in at all, if it was people on the Syrian side -- rebels shooting or ISIS shooting -- the pilots that ejected.


HANNITY: You know what this is another example of? If you follow my arguments, which are that the Islamic State -- which has more land mass within Syria and Iraq as a result of two mistakes by Obama. Mistake number one is the president pulled out of Iraq too early ... You add to that the red line issue when he draws a red line, if Assad uses chemical weapons, that there's going to be severe consequences, blah, blah, blah. America's absence in the region has now created a void, and as a result of that void, you have more chaos and more players fighting for the power that America should be leading in.


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