Hannity: Conservatives Who Oppose Trump Will Share Blame If Clinton Wins And Undocumented Immigrants Kill Americans

Hannity: “If We Don't Build A Wall And The Illegal Immigrants Come To Our Country And Kill Americans, You Guys Are Partly Responsible For That Too, Because Trump's Going To Build A Wall”

From the September 6 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The other thing that I'm a little concerned about from Donald Trump's vantage point is that he only has 73 or 75 percent of Republicans in terms of the Republican vote. He needs 90 percent. And you can blame these idiots at The Wall Street Journal and National Review and Bill Kristol and the entire Mitt Romney staff for doing everything they can do, and Glenn Beck, doing everything they can do every minute of every day to talk down Trump. This isn't a simple choice for everybody. Jonah Goldberg, if you're listening, and I know you are because you talk about my, quote, “tirades.” These are not tirades, this is a simple -- even you guys at NRO, I know you think you're a lot smarter than everybody else, but every time you guys write a book, now that you guys hate me, maybe you won't beg everybody at National Review to be on my show so I can sell your book, because nobody wants to buy it on their own, so I give you some airtime. And there are some good people over at National Review, Andy McCarthy and a few others, there's still people we like over at National Review, but by and large National Review has become the Never Trump Grand Central.

But I mean it's simple Jonah, because if you aid and abet Hillary, and you keep trashing Trump and you keep taking his views out of context as I've watched you and others do, and you keep calling me a puppy, and keep calling me saying I'm on tirades, it doesn't deal with this substantive issue, and that is Hillary's going to appoint Ruth Bader Ginsburg or worse, Sonia Sotomayor or worse, to the Supreme Court.


And the same thing, we've got Donald Trump wants extreme vetting for people that come from countries where they either practice Sharia, which is the antithesis of our constitutional system, or that come from countries that have a high percentage of people that we don't have the potential to vet but could be radicalized. He wants extreme vetting and Hillary wants to build a bridge, and let anybody in, because she views immigration and she views refugees as the antidote that will keep the Democrats in power from now til kingdom come. So if Hillary allows unvetted refugees in the country and they end up doing what they've done in Europe, I'm blaming people like Jonah [Goldberg], and I'm blaming people at The Wall Street Journal and the rest of the NRO crowd and the Mitt Romney team. I'm blaming them all. This isn't funny anymore. And if we don't build a wall and the illegal immigrants come to our country and kill Americans, you guys are partly responsible for that too, because Trump's going to build a wall, and I agree with Trump on the wall. 


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