Hannity Claims Election Will Be Rigged Against Trump By Pushing Myth That Democrats Suppressed Votes In Philadelphia

Sean Hannity Supports Trump Using Debunked Claims That 2012 Election Was Rigged Against Mitt Romney

From the August 2 edition of Fox News' Hannity

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let's go back to the earlier issue of Trump saying, we've got to be careful that it's rigged. We did learn that the DNC rigged a system with super delegates, and the DNC was fully behind Hillary Clinton the entire way, and the e-mails proved that. Here's an interesting statistic. The Philly Inquirer, one week after the 2012 election pointed out that in 59 separate precincts in inner-city Philadelphia, that Mitt Romney did not get a single vote, not one. And according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, there were nine precincts in Cleveland alone, again, not a single Romney vote -- not one. Now, maybe I'm conspiratorial. Maybe this is a stretch. But 70 districts in two cities? Seventy-plus districts, not a single vote for Romney? Is that possible? 


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