Hannity Cites Breitbart, Jim Hoft, And Trump's Facebook Likes To Spread Hope That Trump Will Win In Landslide

Hannity: “Breitbart Cites Gateway Pundit To Prove Trump Will Win In A Landslide Because He Has More Facebook Likes”

From the August 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST):  Pro-Hillary website is attacking Breitbart and Gateway Pundit for supporting Trump. Jim Hoft had a pretty interesting piece and take on this. You know, current polls show the race for president is tighter than it really is, and we've said this a long time ago, that the liberal media -- he points out Ann Coulter said this in her book, Slander, Democrats use the liberal media to manipulate and discourage conservatives from voting. I would argue they're trying to do that. Now, don't believe anything about polls, really, until you go to the voting booth. You just have to assume that it's tied or you're behind, and that your vote matters. That's how I'm handling this.

I will not give a prediction of who will win this presidential race. Cause I don't know. If I knew for sure I'd tell you, I'd share it with you, I share everything with you. But I'm not sharing this with you because I don't have the answer. Unlike people who think they have all the answers, I don't. And I actually think that whatever the events that will ultimately define the outcome probably have not even happened yet. But if you look at all the analysis Trump's doing much better on social media, I’ll go into this later in the program today, and Breitbart cites Gateway Pundit to prove Trump will win in a landslide because he has more Facebook likes; that's, no, they're just making a point. This was the first time in history where social media was used to announce vice presidential running mates. The world is changing and I think it does matter how much enthusiasm, it's certainly an indicator beyond polls, whether or not somebody is doing well.


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