Hannity And Trump Attack Bill Kristol's Plan To Promote Third Party Candidate

Sean Hannity: “They Only Want To Help Hillary Clinton Get Elected”

From the May 31 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): One of the things that's emerging, Bill Kristol for example, is saying he's going to put up another candidate, you have a Libertarian ticket that has just been announced, all of which seems to be people willingly sabotaging an outsider who got more votes in the history of the Republican Party in terms of a primary. What is your answer to that? Because to me, my answer is it seems like they only want to help Hillary Clinton get elected. That means Hillary will make the Supreme Court choices.

DONALD TRUMP: Yeah. Well, Bill Kristol, he's a sad case. His magazine is failing. It's going to be out of business soon. And to be honest with you, I watched the guy on television for years now and he's been saying Donald Trump won't run and if he runs, he's just going to have fun and he's going to get out, and you know all of this stuff. And I'm saying to myself, who is this guy?


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