Hannity And Gingrich Try To Convince Trump's Base That Clinton Was “Crushed” In Second Debate

Sean Hannity: “I Don't Think I've Ever Seen Any One Person Get Crushed The Way Hillary Clinton Got Crushed Tonight”

From the October 10 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): All right, Donald Trump calling out Hillary Clinton, one of many, many times earlier tonight. Here with reaction, former speaker of the House, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich. I don't know how you feel about it. I've watched a lot of presidential debates. I don't think I've ever seen any one person get crushed the way Hillary Clinton got crushed tonight. Your thoughts? Those are mine.

NEWT GINGRICH: Look, I think that Trump came in prepared to go as hard as he needed to. I think he stayed nose to nose with her all evening and I think that she steadily lost. I mean, she probably lost this because her case is so bad that once you get into substance she starts to disintegrate. He was very fast, and I think very good in coming back on a number of occasions and basically totally outmaneuvering her in terms of language, examples, bringing her own record to bear.


GINGRICH: And so you go down these items and Hillary had a problem. I also think she was totally rattled by having the four women there, and I give Trump some real credit here. He managed to thread a needle of having a press conference in advance, having the women there, but really only getting into counterpunching when she forced the issue.

So I think as a result -- plus, he was using a very calm tone of voice, something you and I used to talk to him about, where I think he met the standard. And the result was, he felt okay while he was saying very tough things, and I think that in the end he did very well.

HANNITY: I think -- yeah, and on substance. I mean, I didn't feel we got to the substance that we got to in this debate and the substance is, you know, vetting refugees, really important issue, Huge differences, the substance of taxes, Supreme Court justices, immigration, borders. There are profound differences here, how ISIS was created, whether to say radical Islam. All of this came up and all of Hillary's tactics of dumping the kitchen sink, I think backfired.


GINGRICH: I mean, I don't see how anybody could look at tonight's debate and say it did not have a very significant amount of substance and policy differentiation that was far more than I think you got in the first debate. Trump did much better tonight. You know, if he improves as much over tonight as he did over the first night, the third debate will just be so one-sided it'll be embarrassing.

HANNITY: What do you -- I actually thought it was kind of that way tonight, but that was my biased view, what can you say.


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