A great example of how Sean Hannity turns lies into propaganda

During interview with Trump, Sean Hannity used a significantly altered quote to attack Joe Biden

While interviewing President Donald Trump on his Fox News show Thursday night, Sean Hannity used an altered quote to attack presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Hannity isn’t the only Fox host to have done this.

On July 9, my colleague Matt Gertz noted that in covering Biden’s talk with progressive activist Ady Barkan, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs inserted a word into Biden’s quote, changing the meaning:

Dobbs then read what he said was a quote from Biden’s interview. But he skipped Biden’s remark that “the last thing you need is an up-armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood, it’s like the military invading. They don’t know anybody.” And he inserted a word in order to support the Trump campaign’s false interpretation. When Dobbs purported to read Biden’s comment, he changed “they become the enemy” -- Biden’s reference to how police are perceived in their communities -- to “they have become the enemy” (emphasis added).

Sean Hannity did the exact same thing while talking with Trump:

Video file

Citation From the July 23, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let me ask you, Mr. President. I know a lot has been made over Joe Biden and his comments that he made. I know he has now backed off of it, and he says that I said it before the other way. I don't know if he just not remembering what maybe somebody else wrote in USA Today, for example. But he did say the police have now become the enemy, when they're supposed to help people. And then a follow-up was, would you support reappropriating the money, and he said yes.

Hannity also had done the same earlier in the program

During his interview with Trump, Hannity ran the full clip with Biden and Barkan immediately after saying the altered quote. He then credited Trump with instituting police reform, apparently crediting the president’s “woeful” toothless executive order on the matter.

In response to Hannity’s extremely long-winded question, Trump responded by praising himself for giving military equipment to police departments.

Actual news organizations, even ones with an ideological bent, would not allow this sort of thing to happen once, let alone over and over. Fox News, and Hannity in particular, is something different.