Geraldo Rivera praises Sean Hannity for acting as Donald Trump's “shield” during Mueller investigation

Rivera: “You are the shield”

From the April 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

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GERALDO RIVERA: And listen, what Barr said so emotionally and I was so impressed with him yesterday, that really struck me, was when he said 'look at the president, he's in his first two years in office and he knows that the place is rotten with spies and backstabbers. He knows that people are turning on him. He knows that someone that he has no control over and who has really become a force, a self-affirming force in the special counsel, that they are rummaging 19 lawyers, 40 FBI agents, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of subpoenas. He knows what's going on.'

But, the miracle, Sean, and this is where I credit you, and I know you played that bite earlier about my saying if you existed during the Nixon administration that the 37th president would never had to been forced to resign, I believe that.

You are the shield. You and your listeners are the power that did not exist or it was not organized enough back in the early 70s. Now we have a situation where it's a fair fight, where the president has allies, where the president's story, despite the mainstream media, will get out. 


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