Fox's Todd Starnes: “The War On Christmas” Is Really Being Waged On College Campuses

Starnes: “The War On Christmas Has Really Been Waged On College And University Campuses”

From the December 22 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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TODD STARNES: I mean, here we have, Mark, the perpetually offended generation. And it's especially interesting because this year, the war on Christmas has really been waged on college and university campuses, where you wave a candy cane at one of these little college children and they grab their binkie and run off to their safe space. So, I think that it's interesting that the president all of a sudden is now coming to terms with this issue, which I don't think they can really address. I don't think they can put the cat back in that bag, if you will. I think that this is a big problem on American college campuses, where the stressing for tolerance has led to intolerance.


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