Fox's Sean Hannity To Sen. Rand Paul: “I'm Not So Sure If I Agree With All The Geneva Conventions”

From the December 16 special edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEN. RAND PAUL (R-KY): I'm all for going after as many records as we can get of terrorists. I just ask that it be done in an individualized fashion where you put a person's name on a warrant and you say “we have suspicion they did X” and then you get a judge to sign it. I'm just not for sweeping things. Donald Trump's talking about closing down the Internet. To close the Internet would violate the Constitution and would specifically violate the First Amendment. So I think when he says these outlandish things, someone needs to call him on it, so I was glad I did.


PAUL: He says other things like “well we should kill the terrorists' families.” So we're going to kill like their 2-year-old kids, their 4-year-old kids? And the thing is that to kill bystanders and non-combatants goes against what America stands for --

HANNITY: Well let me ask you this --

PAUL: -- and goes against the the Geneva Convention.

HANNITY: There was an exec -- I'm not so sure if I agree with all the Geneva Conventions and whether or not other countries follow those rules. There's a separate debate. But there's an executive order, I believe President Ford at the time that prohibits the assassination of foreign leaders. I think if we got an opportunity to take out an evil foreign leader, that we'd be wise to do so.


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