Fox’s Sean Hannity Pretends He Doesn’t Care “What Anybody Does In Their Bedroom,” Forgetting His Own Years Of Anti-LGBT Extremism

Fox host Sean Hannity purported that he “doesn’t give a flyin rip what anybody does in their bedroom” while attacking Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on his radio show today, ignoring his own years of anti-LGBT extremism. That extremism included getting fired from a local radio show for making disparaging smears about gay people and spreading fabricated smears against a gay government official.

After criticizing Clinton because the Clinton Foundation previously accepted donations from countries like Saudi Arabia that have a history of discriminating against LGBT people and women, Hannity described himself as a “libertarian” who doesn’t “give a flyin rip what anybody does in their bedroom.” Hannity’s description of himself as accepting of LGBT people ignores his decades-long history of opposing LGBT equality and attacking LGBT people with extreme myths and harmful rhetoric. Hannity also failed to note that many of the same countries he criticized the foundation for associating with have financial ties to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In 1989, Hannity was fired from a short-lived local radio show in Santa Barbara, CA, after making a number of extreme anti-gay remarks, including accusing gay people of “brainwashing” the public about the spread of HIV/AIDS, spreading the myth that gay men are prone to disease because they consume each other's feces during sex, and saying that gay men get sick because they engage in the myth of “gerbil stuffing.” In 2009, Hannity hyped anti-gay smears against openly gay former Department of Education official Kevin Jennings, including pushing a fabricated link between Jennings and NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association. More recently, Hannity agreed with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) that the 2015 Supreme Court marriage equality decision marked “some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history.”

From the September 15 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY: Republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, blah blah blah. But let’s not analyze on CNN Hillary taking money from countries like Saudi Arabia and Omam (sic) and Kuwait and the UAE and all these other counties. Tens of millions in the case of the Saudis for the library in the Clinton Foundation. Let’s not analyze their horrible treatment of women. Hillary claims to be their champion, but women can’t drive. Women can’t go on vacation unless they get permission from a man. Women can’t go out in public. They’re told how to dress. They must go with a male relative. And of course, women are treated horribly. They need four male eyewitnesses in many Muslim countries to prove rape. Then in Saudi Arabia, gays and lesbians are killed. Wait a minute, Hannity, you’re against gay marriage! OK, I don’t want to change the definition of marriage, but I think it is evil and atrocious and an abomination to kill people. Innocent people, gays and lesbians slaughtered just because they’re gay and  lesbian. Sean Hannity, libertarian, don’t give a flyin rip what anybody does in their bedroom. Oh Hannity, that breaks stereotype.


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