Fox's Sean Hannity Lies About Pew Poll Results

Fox News Host Sean Hannity ignored the actual results of a new Pew Research poll on one-word impressions of President Obama, claiming that the most frequent words used to describe the president are “incompetent” and “liar.” In fact, the poll found that the most common descriptor of the president was “good/good man.”

During an interview with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on the June 25 edition of Fox News' Hannity, Hannity alleged, “The most frequent words now used, according to Pew, to describe President Obama are 'incompetent' and 'liar.'”

The actual results of the Pew poll cited by Hannity show that the most frequent word or phrase used to describe President Obama is “good/good man.” The word “honest” is also tied with the word “liar” yet was ignored by Hannity.

Pew Poll