Fox's Ralph Peters: Islam Is Not A “Religion Of Peace”

Peters: “You Can Say Many Things About Islam. It's Complex. It's Various. But You Can't Say It's A Religion Of Peace”

From the June 30 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Colonel Peters, just like they won't release the video of the night of Benghazi, they scrubbed “Sharia,” they scrubbed “radical Islam” but more importantly they put Americans at risk by scrubbing the names of Muslims with radical ties, just like they're putting us at risk by taking in refugees when we know ISIS will infiltrate that population. Why are they willing to gamble with the lives of Americans? 

RALPH PETERS: Because the idea is more important than flesh-and-blood reality. The theology of the left, if you will, is -- And you know, I'm so sick of this, Sean. As Dr. [Sebastian] Gorka knows well and has explained many times to many people, and explained well, you can say many things about Islam. It's complex. It's various. But you can't say it's a religion of peace. For those of us in the Christian tradition, the foundation stones is the sermon of the mound. For Islam, the foundation is the tribal conquest of Mecca that puts Mohammed in charge. Jihad isn't peaceful. Jihad is militant, usually violent, and it has never stopped for almost 1400 years. 


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