Fox’s Newt Gingrich: A Clinton Administration “Would Be The End Of America As We Have Known It”

From the October 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You know, you dealt with Clintons probably, I think, more effectively than anybody else until Donald Trump. He prosecuted the case last night which the media refused to do. And I think he just was pitch perfect. You know, in as much as he wasn't angry, he was very matter of fact. Things that should have been investigated by a liberal biased media never were and he had to do it himself and I think he did it very effectively.


HANNITY: You know, you talked about the Republican Party and I guess there seems to be a disconnect between the people in this country now and especially the Republican Party, and especially Republican leadership. Now, correct me at any point if you think I am wrong, but I think the reason that this has been an insurgency year is that Republicans, and every exit poll confirmed this, 65 percent of them feel betrayed by their party. They basically punted on challenging Obama on spending, they punted on repealing Obamacare using the enumerated power of the purse. They punted on even stopping illegal, unconstitutional amnesty. These were very key promises that they made, and Republicans have barely discussed it. And there was a conference call earlier today and in the conference call basically Paul Ryan just distanced himself totally, wants nothing to do with Donald Trump, and the next eleven people, eleven or twelve people that spoke said what are you doing? And it seems that he would rather look at the sins of Trump, which I would agree, okay? Nobody is going to defend his words that he had on this tape. But I think it's unconscionable that the only person that would bring up the actions of the Clintons, which is now fair game and pertinent and front and center in this campaign, had to be Donald Trump himself.

NEWT GINGRICH: Well and I think John Kennedy once wrote a book called Profiles in Courage. And he said somebody will write a very nice book about the Republican leadership in this period you can call it Profiles in Confusion.

HANNITY: Or profiles of cowardice?

GINGRICH: Well no I don’t think it’s cowardice, I think it’s genuine confusion. These are people who let the media manipulate them into believing that they only question Donald Trump. Now I’ve, as you said earlier, I’ve dealt with the Clintons. And I can tell you, if they think dealing with Obama has been hard. Hillary Clinton is more radical than Obama. She is more dishonest than Obama, she is more skillful at manipulation than Obama. The idea that they suggest anybody, that tolerating a Clinton presidency is an acceptable feat for America is a sign that they are not thinking. And I say this as a citizen not because I am for Donald Trump. I am deeply frightened that a Clinton administration would be the end of America as we have known it. 


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