Fox's Lou Dobbs Calls For Clinton Investigation To Be Reopened Now That Comey Is Gone

From the May 9 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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LOU DOBBS: The issue here is that Comey had it wrong from the very beginning. It's all based on an investigation that took 11 months to just drop everything, as you pointed out. The conclusion was to not prosecute, when every charge against Hillary Clinton was staring Americans who are not lawyers in the face. They know that she acted irresponsibly, she acted against the law --


DOBBS: And there were -- and there were absolutely no consequences. It is disturbing that this recommendation that came out today, that the president fired the FBI director does not leave clearly the pointer towards re-beginning, restarting the investigation of Hillary Clinton, because I think that is the effect here.

This whole judgment today on the part of the president was based on the Deputy Attorney General and the Attorney General saying, based on his handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton he ought to be fired. That being the case, the question, the investigation, the consequences and that should be reopened in my opinion.


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