Fox's “Kingmaker” Problem: Hannity Promoted Sponsor's Agenda During Bush And Walker Interviews

Sean Hannity promoted the concealed carrying of handguns during his Fox News interviews with Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. Hannity is a paid spokesman for the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), a financial relationship he repeatedly failed to disclose.

During his February 26 program, Hannity asked Walker: “Let's talk about guns. Should law-abiding citizens -- for example, it's very hard to get a carry permit in a state like New York. Should they be allowed to carry weapons if they're law-abiding citizens?” Walker replied, “Absolutely.”

Hannity asked Bush during his June 16 Fox News interview: “Should citizens if they are law-abiding, no records, have the right to carry a weapon?” To applause from the audience, Bush replied that people should “absolutely” have that right. 

But Hannity's interest in concealed carrying of guns isn't just political -- it's financial. 

The United States Concealed Carry Association claims it is “the first & largest member-owned association dedicated to educating, training, and insuring responsibly armed Americans.” Hannity is heavily involved with USCCA. The front page of the organization's website features Hannity's endorsement and a “training package” for his fans.

The website includes a prominent quote from Hannity professing that he has “peace of mind knowing that if I ever have to use my weapon to save the life of my loved one, they will be in my corner.” The Hannity training package features materials with “critical, life-saving information that will better prepare you and your loved ones for a home invasion or violent encounter.”

Hannity regularly does sponsored "live reads" for USCCA on his radio show (here are examples from his February 16, May 28 and June 1 programs). 

An ad for USCCA featuring Hannity aired during his June 16 radio program -- the day of his Bush interview -- according to a search of Hannity stated in the ad that he's a “proud member of the United States Concealed Carry Association” and he's “been working closely with them” to create a “special” training package for his fans.

This isn't the first time Hannity has promoted the interests of his radio sponsors. Last year, Hannity used his Fox News program to promote the fundraising efforts of the Tea Party Patriots.

Hannity is a favorite destination for Republican candidates who have just announced they're officially running for president. Hannity's website has even adopted Politico reporter Dylan Byers' description of him as the “conservative kingmaker” in the Republican primary. 

UPDATE: Hannity again pushed concealed carry during his June 17 Fox News interview with Donald Trump. Hannity complained that it's “almost impossible” to get a concealed carry permit in New York City. Trump replied that he's “a huge Second Amendment person.”