Fox's Katie Pavlich: “I Guarantee You That Vladimir Putin And The Saudis” Find Clinton's Voice “Grating”

Pavlich: “Hillary, You Have A Microphone. There's No Reason To Yell”

From the February 3 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Why do they race to the gender card all the time? That was legitimate criticism. That was awful.

KATIE PAVLICH: Hillary, you have a microphone. There's no reason to yell. That's what microphones are for. Howard Dean of all people should understand this is not a sexist issue. His campaign essentially imploded after he acted shrill, we should say, on the campaign trail, his famous yell. After that his campaign was essentially over. So I think Bob Woodward's advice is good when he tells Hillary “let's tone it down a little bit. Let's get on the same page a little bit in terms of communication.” She has a communications problem not just with Democrats but also with the rest of the country. She's not likable. And she's trying too hard here. And again, microphones already accentuate your voice, we don't need you to be yelling.


JESSICA EHRLICH: To say that there's not an issue of whether you're a woman or not being criticized for your voice and things, whether you're a man or woman, yes, that happens. But certainly there is a difference in the way people hear you. And I don't have a problem with Hillary being in a rally with whether it's hundreds or thousands of people.

HANNITY: Her screaming? She's screaming. Even Bob Woodward. Lower the temperature. Get off the screaming stuff.

EHRLICH: Even Bob Woodward. Everybody has an opinion about it. This is something that is talked about all the time.


PAVLICH: Let's just fact check here. Hillary Clinton is not filling up large stadiums where she needs to yell into the microphone to reach all of the people in the room. She's yelling at tens of supporters who are showing up to these events. And yes, women tend to have a higher voice than men, but we criticize Ben Carson for being sleepy and boring as well. The criticism is for both the left and the right and to male and female. And if Hillary Clinton can't handle some criticism about her voice maybe being a little too grating, I'm not sure she can handle being president of the Untied States. And I guarantee you that Vladimir Putin and the Saudis and everyone else also thinks that her voice is grating and she's just going to have to deal with that or on the campaign trail she can take some advice and she can try and make a better impression when it comes to communication which is the most important thing we have when we're trying to reach voters and get elected.


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